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Thank YOU

Hey Everyone!

Trying out something new here with a blog post, let's see how this works out...

First of all, we want to take some time to thank all of you who've helped us get to this point. Most importantly, our families who are always there for us and have helped us thru the difficult times of starting a new company in the Covid era. It's been quite a crazy adventure, but we're blessed to have you with us and without you none of this is possible.

Then we want to thank the people who this company and journey would not be possible without: Eric Valdez, Don Thuren, Zac Johnson, Justin Burleson, Rocco Florimonte, Brian Corsetti, and so many others. We couldn't do this without you all and we're forever thankful for the help you've given us and the business. 

Then for your enormous support, we want to thank each and every one of YOU who have purchased one of our spacer kits, who plan to purchase any of the things we've got coming soon (there's a ton), or even who just follow along with us and support us on our journey. We really appreciate everything you guys do and it's so cool to meet you guys out on the trails and at meets & shows.

We've got a ton of things going on right now from a bunch of new products coming soon to a SEMA contest semi-final position you can help us out by voting for us in now ( to restocks of our spacer kits in the same 3 finishes that have been available before in addition to 2 more limited color runs. Stay tuned for what those are.


So THANK YOU ALL so much for everything you've done to help us and if you guys are interested, we can start doing more long(er) updates here in blog form or stick to Instagram. Let us know. We love hearing from you guys.

And if you've got any other questions, thoughts, concerns, anything feel free to comment below or email me at 

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