COMING SOON! KDSS Control Switch
COMING SOON! KDSS Control Switch

COMING SOON! KDSS Control Switch

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Want to get the most out of your KDSS equipped 4Runner, Land Cruiser, or Lexus GX? With our revolutionary plug and play KDSS control switch kit, you can control when your KDSS system is engaged or not.

Above 12mph, your KDSS is programmed to go into its stiff or "control" mode, but if you're off roading or hitting bumps or potholes at 25mph, you don't want your KDSS system fighting your suspension (whether factory or especially upgraded aftermarket). By using this switch, you can keep the KDSS in soft mode for much better ride comfort at medium speeds letting your suspension do its work and then when you find well paved roads again or need to make quick lane changes on the highway where you need the stiffer dampening for sharper handling characteristics, flip the switch to re-engage your KDSS seamlessly.


Sold in 2 variants, 1 with custom factory LED lighted switch for visual indication (along with the activated KDSS dash light), 1 without switch (terminating wire ends, so you can plug it into a control module you already have ie Switchpros, sPod, etc)