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COMING SOON! T4R ABS Toggle Switch

COMING SOON! T4R ABS Toggle Switch

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When off-roading, a standard practice has been to pull your ABS fuse before you hit the dirt to have full control over your brakes then put it back in when you return. Unfortunately this has caused issues when people forget to reinstall the fuse and nowadays with all the complicated electronics in cars, frequently the ABS is not on its own fuse and causes a Christmas tree dashboard effect when you try to remove it, which can compromise your other safety systems.

We solve this issue with our ABS toggle switch. So you can turn just your ABS on and off whenever you need to and have a visual indicator of the switch position.

Sold in 2 versions: 1 with LED lighted toggle switch that you can install in the cabin of your vehicle, 1 with just terminating wire ends so you can wire it into whatever control module you currently use (ie SwitchPros, sPod, etc.)